Batana Pre-Conditioner

Batana Pre-Conditioner


Apply throughout the hair from roots to ends, Be generous and remember, A little can go a long way. This product will stop your hair loss and stimulate your scalp to make it grow, promotes shine and thickness.

✨Instructions: Cover the hair with a plastic cap, leave it on for 30 minutes - 3 hours or as long as you want,proceed to shampoo as usual.

✨ Ingredients: Pure Hair Conditioner, Pure Batana oil, essential oils.

  • Product Info

    Some Benefits of using the Pre-Conditioner is 

    • Leaves your hair silk after wash
    • Thickens the hair
    • Reduces Shedding
    • Seals split ends

    No matter if the is hair permed or natural the Pre-Conditoner will  moisturize and and restore your hair!